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There’s nothing quite like the joy of bicycling, and we love how eBicycles extend that joy to people of all ages and fitness levels. In fact, our purpose is “Bicycling for Anyone.” The eBicycle Store is the first to focus exclusively on pedal-assisted electric bikes in the Upstate.

Stop by our store and ask us questions—we’re happy to talk with you and share what we know. Explore our eBicycle showroom, and even experience the fun of eBicycling for yourself.

Our eBicycles

Safety and quality are very important to us, and therefore we only offer models from premium eBicycle manufacturers, including Faraday, Focus, KalkhoffDutch Royal Gazelle and others.

All of the eBicycles we carry are designed and manufactured “from the ground up” to be high quality e-bikes. We also choose our products for reliability, durability, and low-maintenance – no need to be a bicycle mechanic.

Overwhelmed by all the choices? No worries—we’ll help you figure out which model is right for you. Give us a call to discuss or make an appointment (864-631-1581), or just stop by during normal store hours (Mon, Wed 9-6, Thurs-Sat 9-7, Sunday 10-5).

Not ready yet? No problem—we don’t like high-pressure sales either. We only want you to buy a bike if it is one you’ll love and use.

Customer care

Your new eBicycle will be delivered ready-to-ride directly to your door. You’ll get a short training session during delivery on operation, maintenance, and safety.

Browse freely, we believe in privacy - no cookies, no stalking, no worries!

We carry a full range of e-bikes: city, trekking and mountain electric bikes. Here are just a few examples with the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. But we don’t sell online—you should touch, test ride, and get the right fit before you buy. So please stop by our store to do that!

Browse freely, we believe in privacy - no cookies, no stalking, no worries!

Gazelle Medeo T9 HMB


Gazelle Arroyo C8 Elite


Gazelle Arroyo C8

$ 3,199

Gazelle NL


Gazelle CityZen T10 (2018)


Gazelle CityZen T10 S10 Speed


Faraday Porteur

From $3,499

Faraday Porteur S

From $2,499

Faraday Cortland

From $3,499

Faraday Cortland S

From $2,499





eBikes in North-America: Results from an Online Survey

Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 10.01.23 AM

Off-road Ebike Revolution

And the electric-bike revolution is finding its way to the trail, too: Off-road models with electric-assist motors can help you traverse arduous stretches that would otherwise leave you panting. - The Wall Street Journal

Read more about the off-road ebike revolution!

Ebicycles are changing people's lives!

"I used to hate biking to work," he says as he pedals along. "There’s this hill by my house that just pitches straight up a wall. Now it’s not so bad." That’s because Vollmer, a 36-year-old mechanical engineer with the trim build of an endurance athlete, can always get a boost from his bike’s hidden motor. - Forbes.com

Read more about how ebicycles can help you find your freedom!

Cheating on a bicycle?

When we explain what pedal-assist bikes do or can do, we often get asked the question “isn’t that cheating”?

Every bike we have sold has a special story and below are some of examples of our pedal assist electric bike owners.

An older couple who used to bike together quite frequently cannot make it up the hills anymore, or go the distance to make it to their favorite little restaurant … they now own an eBike and enjoy bike rides together like they used to before.

A father who lost both his children became depressed for years and didn’t want to go out anymore to enjoy the outdoors. An electric bicycle made it easier for him to make the first steps towards taking some of his former life back.

A physically challenged mother who no longer can exert herself due to her medical condition now enjoys bike rides with her husband and children.

A wife, whose husband is an expert biker, wants to go with him on bike rides but doesn’t have the stamina to keep up with him. Wife and husband are frequently seen on the Swamp Rabbit Trail enjoying bike rides together.

Our commuters, who want to leave their car at home for several reasons (make an impact on the environment, slow traffic, few parking spaces, get exercise, etc.) can arrive fresh and non-sweaty at their work place or back home.

All those examples above are real. Those people would not have been on a bike if it weren’t for a pedal-assist electric bike. Cheating or not cheating? We don’t think so!

Electric bike owners are brave, adventure seeking, joyful bike owners.

Our mission: get more people on bikes – even those who think that biking is no longer possible.

The eBicycle Store

The eBicycle Store Story

Find out why we opened The eBicycle Store in this article from Greenville Talk. We enjoyed working with Jennifer and Cindy!

Check out the story here.

eBicycle delivery in NC

The eBicycle Store Team enjoyed delivering two A2B Ferbers to Judy and Michael in Tryon, NC. Long olling hills in horse country... no problem on eBikes! Enjoy your newfound freedom!

The first eBike!

Our first eBike delivery!

Introducing eBicycles to the Upstate!

Check us out on page 113 of the Behind the Counter magazine and page 3 of the Upstate Business Journal! We're excited to introduce eBicycling to the Upstate!

Open publication - Free publishing

Open publication - Free publishing

Spotted: a TeBS fan!

A beautiful eBicycle Store fan along the Swamp Rabbit Trail!

Come and see us at our store in downtown Greenville, SC. Explore our eBicycle showroom, learn about eBicycles, take a virtual test ride or even take a real street ride to experience the fun of electric biking for yourself. We’re located in the River Place building under the Embassy Suites hotel.  We are on the river on the Swamp Rabbit Trail, perfect for test rides.  There is convenient parking in the River Place garage off of River Street, and at other places nearby.  The first hour in Riverplace garage is free.

250 Riverplace Unit B S
Greenville, SC 29601


Mon, Wed 9:00 till 6:00
 Thurs - Sat  9:00 till 7:00
 Sunday  10:00 till 5:00

Please call us or contact us through the website if the above store hours are not convenient for you. We're happy to meet with you any other time.

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