About eBicycles

An eBicycle (short for electric bicycle and also called an e-bike) is a bicycle with a battery and an assistance motor to give you an extra boost when you pedal. It looks (and sounds) like a regular bicycle, so people around you probably won’t even notice it’s different—but you definitely will as you pedal into a headwind or up that hill!

There are many different styles of electric bicycles, but our store focuses only on low-speed, pedal-assisted electric bicycles, sometimes called “pedelecs” (short for pedal electric). It’s a real bicycle—you still have to pedal and use your own energy to go—but the silent, low-wattage motor senses your pedaling force and gives you assistance.

Pedal assistance means you still get exercise, but you don’t have to be an athlete to bike long distances or tackle the Upstate’s hilly terrain. You can easily adjust the level of assistance during your ride, from none at all for a vigorous work-out to maximum assistance for steep hills.

That’s why—no matter your age or current physical condition—eBicycles allow anyone to experience the joy of bicycling.

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The Motor

An e-bike’s electric motor comes on automatically as you pedal, giving you the strength to cycle comfortably. When you stop pedaling or brake, the motor stops too. You can adjust how much assistance power you want using a controller on the handlebars.

The very quiet electric motor may be located in either the front or rear wheel of your bicycle (“hub drive”), or in the pedal crank area (“mid-drive”).

The Battery

High quality eBicycles are powered by lithium-ion batteries, just like the ones in electric cars or mobile devices. You charge the battery in a regular wall outlet, and full charging time is generally 3-5 hours. The impact on your monthly electric bill probably won’t even be noticed (and it comes out to less than 1 cent per mile).

Depending on the specific eBicycle model, the riding terrain, and how much assistance power you use, a single charge gives you a range of 20 to more than 100 miles. Of course, you can never get stranded—just pedal home!

The Controls

Like regular bikes, electric bikes use standard hand brakes and gear shifters on the handlebars. In addition, small, hardly noticeable controls on the handlebars allow you to control the level of assistance and provide useful riding information (such as battery charge and speed).

The eBicycle Store only carries bicycles that are pre-set to not exceed the federally mandated speed limit of 20mph for low-speed electric bicycles—at least not by pedal assistance alone. You can go faster downhill or with vigorous pedaling, so take care to stay below speed limits.


Browse freely, we believe in privacy - no cookies, no stalking, no worries!

No need to wear spandex (but you can)

Bicycling is great fun but eBicycling makes the joy and convenience of biking accessible to almost anyone who can ride a bike—you don’t have to be young or especially athletic.

Go farther

The extra power means you can go longer distances with less exertion, making it a practical option for grabbing coffee, running errands, or just exploring your community. eBicycles are especially beneficial for those who live within a few miles of work—you can easily commute and won’t arrive sweaty and out of breath.

Get fit

If you’re looking for a fun workout, you can adjust the amount of assistance and rely more on your own pedaling. Then adjust it back up when you are tired or tackling a hill.

Reduce your footprint

eBicycle travel has an exceedingly low environmental impact—no exhaust, no noise, and no need for gasoline. A trip on your electric bike is about as easy as green gets!

Join the movement

Because of their many benefits and recent technology advances, pedal assist eBicycles have been exploding in popularity around the world—particularly in Europe and now the USA. Join the movement of Bicycling for Anyone!

Browse freely, we believe in privacy - no cookies, no stalking, no worries!

It’s hard to imagine a better place for eBicycling than the South Carolina Upstate. We’ve got moderate weather, ever-growing biking infrastructure and greenways, and wonderful places to shop and dine not far from our homes. And our often-hilly terrain is no longer daunting with an electric bike. Even our steepest and hilliest neighborhoods can be biked safely.

The eBicycle Store carries only "low-speed electric bicycles" and all are the pedal-assist type—you must pedal to go! Low-speed electric bicycles are classified by Federal law as “bicycles” from a consumer product standpoint. South Carolina has not yet passed legislation with specific regard to low-speed electric bicycles, but we hope that our state will follow other states (Georgia, for example) in endorsing the Federal guidelines for the use of low-speed electric bicycles.

You can ride your low-speed electric bike wherever you can ride a regular bicycle. You must always abide by all bicycling laws and local rules, paying particular attention to pedestrians and automobile traffic. Enjoy biking safely and responsibly!

Browse freely, we believe in privacy - no cookies, no stalking, no worries!